• platzregeln

Local rules


White stakes define OUT OF BOUNDS


a) The public roads next to hole 3 and 17 and between holes 10 and 18 are out of bounds. A ball that crosses the street and comes to rest on the course on the other side of the road is also out of bounds.
b) Next to green 9 and green 18 a white fence defines out of bounce. A ball crossing the fence or the imaginery line between the previous white stake and the fence is out of bounds.




Immovable Obstructions (Rule 24-2):

  • all paved and graveled paths
  • all staked plants
  • all yellow, red and blue stakes
  • all distance marker (stakes)


Stones in bunkers are considered to be movable obstructions (Rule 24-1).


Ground under repair (GUR) is defined by blue stakes and/or blue lines. The player must take relief, if he has interference from the condition (Rule 25-1).


Markers on the course:

  • white stakes = out of bounds
  • yellow stakes = water hazard
  • red stakes = lateral water hazard
  • blue stakes = ground under repair


distance markers on the course (stakes) and ground plates

  • green/blue stakes = 200m
  • green/white stakes = 150m
  • green/red stakes = 100m

Penealty for breach of local rules

  • matchplay = loss of hole
  • stroke play = 2 strokes


Additional (temporary) local rules may be published in the club house if necessary